Starwaders at Scopex 2012




Starwaders made its 3rd consecutive appearance at the annual Scopex exhibition of astronomy and telescopes at the Military Museum in Johannesburg on 21st July 2012.

The product range has grown over the past year, the prime product being the book written by me - Neville called Astronomy within Reach and its Afrikaans counterpart Sterrekunde Binne Bereik. The enthusiasm to buy the book was most gratifying and it was a pleasure meeting some of the readers who had bought the book previously or had bought it in a bookstore and wanted me to sign it.

The upgraded Portable Solar System Model proved to be an attractive, interesting and highly effective model, helping us to understand exactly why we see the planets where we do see them.

The Starwaders Constellation Jigsaw Puzzle continues to sell. New products were the Southern Cross Motion model, the Retrograde Motion model and the Galaxy Model showing how the Earth lies in its Galaxy. Orders were taken for these models.

The weather could not have been better and Starwaders is grateful to the organisers for making the 21st of July a very good day!


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