Constellation Jigsaw Puzzles


Only $8 per set of 4 puzzles!

or get all 3 difficulty level sets for only $16!

Starwaders© has developed a unique way to learn the constellations of the starry sky — by building a jigsaw puzzle where the puzzle pieces represent the constellations!

There are four jigsaw puzzles in each constellation set:

(Click for larger images)

  • The Northern Polar Sky from 90°N down to 40°N
  • The Equatorial Sky between 50°N and 50°S on the Orion side of the sky
    (from 1h00 to 15h00 Right Ascension)
  • The Equatorial Sky between 50°N and 50°S the Scorpius side of the sky
    (from 13h00 to 03h00 Right Ascension)
  • The Southern Polar Sky from 90°S up to 40°S

The constellations are represented by stick figures on all the jigsaw puzzles. Each jigsaw puzzle allows you to switch on a Ghost Layer over which to lay the pieces. This helps when still learning where the constellations are. There is also a small image of the completed jigsaw puzzle to see what it should look like. Would you be able to resist switching on the Ghost Underlay or Completed Picture as you improved ?

Several variants of the constellation jigsaw puzzles are available depending on your level of skill

  • Beginners - Level 1: Constellation Names are included on the jigsaw puzzle pieces which are scattered the right way up, making them easier to recognise.

  • Standard - Level 2: Constellation Names are included on the puzzle pieces but the puzzle pieces are Randomly Rotated when the puzzle is initially scattered. Remember that the starry sky has NO ‘Right Way Up’. If you feel confident, choose a jigsaw puzzle with Randomly Rotated Pieces!

  • Expert - Level 3: Would you be able to recognise the star fields of the constellations if there were No Constellations Names on the puzzle pieces? And recognise them when Rotated Randomly? Suggested only for those who know their star fields very, very well!


There's a piece Missing!

Look under the whole puzzle by pulling it way over to one side of the screen - even half off the screen. Sometimes a piece hides under the top left menu block. Other times there may be only a small piece along one of the edges of the screen.

If the piece simply cannot be seen, draw a marquee from bottom left corner to top right to highlight (in red) all pieces including the almost built puzzle. Move the puzzle up, down, left and right and the hard-to-find piece will become apparent along one of the edges of the screen.

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