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Aimed at the layman but equally intriguing to the experienced amateur astronomer, this 200 page book packed with illustrations and ways in which you can participate in astronomy without any equipment, goes on sale in June 2012. Also available in Afrikaans. (more)

(For references from the book to the Starwaders website, go here )

Binne Bereik

Gemik op die leek, maar ewe prikkelend vir die ervare amateur-sterrekundige, is hierdie boek van 200 bladsye, volgepak met illustrasies en maniere waarop jy kan deelneem aan sterrekunde sonder enige toerusting, te koop vanaf Junie 2012. Dit is ook beskikbaar in Engels. (meer)

(Vir verwysings vanaf die boek na die Starwaders webtuiste, gaan hierheen )

Educational Models

Portable Solar System Model

Southern Cross Motion

Retrograde Motion

Earth in the Galaxy


Build a
Galilean Telescope
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The Starwaders Galilean Telescope Kit contains all the parts needed to build a small telescope in the same style as the one built by Galileo in 1609 — over 400 years ago.
This telescope is of the refracting telescope kind, by virtue of the fact that it uses lenses to ‘bend’ or refract the light to a focus point in order to accomplish the magnifying effect. Other methods ... (more)


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Starwaders © has developed a unique way to learn the constellations of the starry sky — by building a jigsaw puzzle where the puzzle pieces represent the constellations!

The Starwaders CD
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Welcome to the Starwaders Constellation Jigsaw Puzzle CD On this CD are not only jigsaw puzzles but also a selection of free astronomy programs, an album of beautiful astronomy images and several educational games and exercises.

The Portable Solar System Model in Action

The Starwaders CD at Scopex 2010!

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