The Portable Solar System Model - R1500

(Production halted due to lack of demand. Please contact me for further details. nevyoung AT

Latest News - the 2014 version of the model has been developed and is available now.

It assembles more easily and is more robust than the previous version.

Latest Instruction Manual 12 September 2014


Designed by an experienced amateur astronomer and in use for 10 years, the Portable Solar System Model (PSSM) is the perfect aid for the teacher in class or the presenter with an audience. Every astronomy club will benefit from owning a PSSM.

The PSSM overcomes the mental gymnastics of standing on an apparently flat, level ground and having to relate to conventional maps where North is UP and to space where there is no UP. The PSSM can be rotated and tilted to allow students to grasp the relationship between their fixed 'Up-Down' local vantage point and the relative orientations in the real, wide world.

Ideal for Teachers
Easy to transport
Assembles in Minutes
Fun to Build
Pack away and store
Highly adaptable
Understand How Planets Move
Understand why planets are where we see them
Explain Morning and Evening Stars
Where is the Moon?
Jupiter's Moons
The Transit of Venus
Solar Eclipses
Lunar Eclipses
Large size - can be seen by big audience
When disassembled fits into this packet
    The blind learning about the solar system  

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