The Galilean Telescope Kit - R100.00



The Starwaders Galilean Telescope Kit contains all the parts needed to build a small telescope in the same style as the one built by Galileo in 1609 – over 400 years ago.

This telescope is of the refracting telescope kind, by virtue of the fact that it uses lenses to ‘bend' or refract the light to a focus point in order to accomplish the magnifying effect. Other methods of focussing light include reflecting the light off a curved surface. Telescopes that use that method are called reflector telescopes.


The Starwaders Telescope Building Kit provides all the parts and detailed instructions to build a telescope with 10 times magnification.


(Note: The very brief discussion of optics on the next pages cannot possibly lead to any comprehensive understanding of the subject. Hopefully the few facts and basic explanations will be a prompt to learning more about the subject from comprehensive sources.)


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